Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ٹومب رایڈر تواریخ - پلے اسٹیشن

Portable PSX Game - Tomb Raider Chronicles
ٹومب رایڈر تواریخ - پلے اسٹیشن پر

The chronicles of the charge of the tomb open just days after the events of the last revelation. Lara is still missing and presumed absolutely. A memorial service in the manor of croft brings together three friends of old Lara: Winston, Charles Kane and father Patrick Dunstan. When the rain outside of the shed, the three reminisce about adventures of Lara's earlier. Meanwhile, a hundred miles away from Werner Von Croy coordinate the excavation frantic search for answers that stalled deep beneath the desert egyptian.

Minimum System Requirements: OS's
Windows 98 or higher CPU's
memory of 600 MHz (750 MHz in Windows XP)
128 graphics of the MB RAM (MB 192 on Windows XP)
Sound of card graphics of DirectX9-compatible (non-integrated recommended)
DirectX-compatible sound card (non-integrated recommended)
Important: If you get an error message that says d3dx9_26.dll lack you can try downloading of that this is due to a problem on your PC and not in the notebook.
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