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Tomb Raider 1 - Walkthrough and Secrets

Tomb Raider - Complete Walkthrough and Secrets - by Mark SmithPlayStation Version - Some details may vary on PC-CDROMVersion 3.0 - 01/21/98 (Now features alternant solutions)
Caves - Items: 7 - Secrets: 3 - Kills 14
Follow the tracks running past the slots with the poison darts.If you keep running the darts will miss you. Continue around thecorner. Lara will look up at a ledge indicating the way to go butfirst we need to get a secret. Continue straight into a large squareroom with a door in the corner. You must use the slanted rock tojump onto this door. You can either jump back then forward off thesloped face or you can climb up the back of the sloped rock and jumpas you slide down. Either way you will grip the base of the door toenter SECRET #1 and get the medkit.
Returning to the other cave, climb up and head down the passage. Thesounds of bats should alert you to draw your gun and kill them. Turnleft and proceed to a dead end cave with snow drifted into one corner.Climb the drift as far as you can then use the action key to grab theledge and pull yourself up. Waste the bat and grab the Medkit forSECRET #2. Return to the bat cave and continue. You will eventuallyend up in a large grass covered cavern sloped down. Make your way tobottom and drop into the tunnel. Go to the door and use the switch toopen the door. Kill the bat as you enter this large room. Ignore thebamboo door - you can't open it anyway.
Find the hole in the roof and climb up. Make your way to the largeroom with 2 bridges and 2 wolves patrolling the ground. You cansniper these guys from the ledge. You can either wind your way aroundusing the bridges your take the shortcut by dropping to the ground andproceeding to the second bridge. Standing in the middle jump and pullyourself up onto the bridge and go to your right. Continue throughthe door and into the next room.
There is a large gap in this room with a bear at the bottom. A savegame gem is on the other side. You can make this jump and save yourgame either before or after killing the bear from above. Drop downinto the gap by gripping the edge and dropping in to avoid takingdamage. Go through the door killing the 2 bats. Grab the medkit andthen stand on the pressure plate to open door. You will now enterthe bridge room. Climb back up the bridge and retrace your path backto the gap and the location of the save gem. If you didn't use itbefore then use it now. Proceed down the stairs. There is a medkitto the left of the stairs if you are collecting this things.
As you enter the room the music starts and the wolves attack. Killboth of them quickly. Notice on the far wall there is a door cleverlyhidden in the vegetation. A ledge extends from the door which you canjump onto from either side. Enter this door for SECRET #3 - a largemedkit.
The other door out of this room is on a timed switch. Go to the farcorner and throw the switch. Then either make 2 skilled jumps to theledge with the door or just drop down - run across - and climb up andrun through the door. Continue up and turn the corner. Run past the2 dart shooting pipes and into the next room. A single wolf iswaiting for you so watch out. There are 2 broken floor tiles in thisroom. Stand on either one to fall (safely) into the room below.
Do not drop into the hall below - it is lined with dart traps. Findthe ledge where you can safely jump across to the other side. Shootthe last wolf on this level and pick up the medkit. Continue on andaround the corner to find a switch. Move it to open the EXIT. Toavoid the darts just slide down the sloped wall next to the EXIT.
City of Vilcabama - Items: 11 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 29
Run into the first room and kill the 4 wolves lurking in here. Jumparound to avoid their attacks and keep firing. There are multipleexits from this room. Take whichever one you want as they all endup at the same place eventually. Kill all the wolves and bats youencounter. Some bats are lurking in the ceiling so look UP often.One wolf guards a medkit hidden in the bushes. Eventually you willend up in a large room with a pool in the middle.
There is a wooden trough along one wall. If you go near this wall alarge bear comes charging out. Dodge his attacks and kill him quicklythen enter the room he came out of. Vault onto the ledge above thestable and get the medkit. Now return to the pool room and go for aswim.
Dive in and go to the T intersection and turn right. Make a U-turnto the left when you reach the pillars and throw the wood lever toopen a secret door in another area. If you still have enough air(about half) then swim to the opposite side of the pillar room intothe brightly lit area. Throw the other wooden switch to open a hatchabove you. Surface and breath. Exit the water and get SECRET #1 - amedkit.
Throw the switch to open door and return to the main room. Dive intothe pool again and this time swim to the T and turn left. Follow thepassage to a left turn and follow until you surface into a room withserpent fountains. Exit the pool and go through the secret door youopened early (remember that lever) and get SECRET #2 - a medkit andmagnum clips. Return to the main pool room and surface.
Find the door with the switch (looks like zebra stripes) and open thedoor. Climb the wooden stairs and make the tricky jump at the top.You will be looking across at an alcove made of skulls. Below you isa ledge of collapsible panels. Drop down and run and jump over tothis alcove. This is tricky and if you don't do it the first time youdon't get another chance. It's only a medkit so don't worry if youdon't make it. Drop into the room below (if you didn't land there byaccident) and find the blue stone with the two indentations.
Using the action key and the UP arrow Lara can push this block intothe wall. It takes several pushes to move it all the way. If youmissed the large jump and really want that medkit in the skull alcoveyou can use the action key and down arrow to pull the block into theroom and use it to climb into the alcove.
Once you are in the next room kill the bat and get the Silver Key andthe Gold Idol. Using the block you pushed in, climb up and onto thewooden ledge. Kill the 2 bats in the rafters and save your game.Run around the corner and kill 2 more bats. Drop into the passage andturn left. You should now be back in the main pool room. Turn leftagain to find the locked door. The action key will unlock the door.
Darts line the walls of this room and you will take at least one hitUNLESS you do a dive. Just run and jump and hit action while in mid-air and you will hit the ground rolling - no damage!
You are now in a large area with a temple at the far end and 5 wolveswith bad attitudes scattered about. Kill them as they charge doingall that fancy jumping to avoid their fangs. Enter the temple throughthe left door. Follow the passage into a pool room with ledges on thewalls. Climb the stairs and being the jumping process to go fromledge to ledge. Climb the stairs and kill the bat then make a longjump across the top of this tower. Climb some more stairs and killanother bat. Find and use the wall switch to open the temple's rightdoor. Get the medkit then go to the window.
Looking down at the ledge find the shotgun shells. Execute thesafety drop onto the roof and get the shells then drop to the red roofand get the medkit. Drop once more to the ground and enter the rightdoor. This is another room with water and ledges and collapsingfloor tiles. Go to the left and stair-step up the ledges along thiswall. At the top kill the bat, climb the stairs and use the switch toopen the middle door of the temple. Go outside and use the save gamegem then execute a series of safety drops to the ground. Enter themiddle door.
A long tunnel with a series of swinging blades is your next challenge.Just use simple timing to get past these guys. You will reach a gatewith a bear behind it. Use the switch. The floor drops out fromunder you and you go for another swim. Swim forward and up and intothe small tunnel on the right. The tunnel leads to stairs which leadsto a switch that opens the gate you were at moments ago and the exitgate. Go to one of the windows and dive into the pool below (or do asafety drop). You have to kill the bear and you can't shoot from thewater. The bear will follow you and attack as you try to exit thepool. I found it easier to drop to the ground and blast him. You canalso run around the pool keeping the bear at a safe distance.
Once the bear is dead go to the locked door. To the left of this dooris an open door. Enter the door and go up the stairs to the switchroom. There is a passage opposite the switch which leads to a roomwith SECRET #3: Uzi clips. Return to the pool room with the dead bearand use the Gold Idol to unlock the EXIT.
Lost Valley - Items: 16 - Secrets: 5 - Kills: 12
Follow the tunnel till you reach the river. You can either jump in orgo to your right and do some cliff diving. Find a safe place to exitthe lake and kill the 2 wolves on patrol. Climb over the rocks oppositethe waterfall and enter the cave. Kill the wolf that attacks thencontinue further and turn right. Jump into the slanted chamber and killthe 3 wolves waiting here. Don't go any further as it is just a deadend. Return to the room you were just in and find the ledge you canpull yourself up onto. Continue climbing until you find the skeletonand a medkit. Continue forward and slide down into the valley.
A red Raptor rushes you. Fire as fast as you can and dodge this guy'sattacks. When he is dead enter the valley and kill the second raptor.Check your health at this point and make sure its FULL. Note thebroken rope bridge above. Note the HUGE FOOTPRINTS below. Note thetense music that just started playing. Note the size of the teeth onthe T-Rex that just rounded the corner. Do a LOT of side-jumping andkeep firing until this monster is dead. You may have to heal yourselfin mid-combat. NEVER let this guy get close to you with his mouth oryou are dead no matter what your health bar says.
ALTERNATIVE: Run into the small cave on the right canyon wall by thewaterfall. Shoot at the T-Rex from the safety of this location. Donot stand too close to the door as he can reach inside and eat you!
After he is dead run past him under the bridge until you reach 2waterfalls. Climb the ledge to the right of the right waterfall tofind SECRET #1: Shotgun shells. Go to the ledge between the falls.Climb up 2 ledges and jump to the right onto the 3rd ledge. Hold ontothe ledge and shimmy to the right until you're in the middle of thefalls. Pull yourself up and into SECRET #2: Shells and Uzi Clips.
Return to the ground (climb or dive) and head for the broken bridge andlook for a door in the grass covered rock. Enter the passage and killthe raptor waiting down the hall. Advance until you reach a waterfall.Climb the ledges to the right and get Cog #1. Then dive into the pool.Swim until you surface at the right waterfall in the valley. Turn leftand advance to the temple in the distance. Take out the 2 raptorslurking near the temple. Enter the temple and save your game. Take aswim heading for the right side of this pool to get Cog #2. Exit thetemple and find a climbable ledge along the left valley wall near thedead raptors.
Climb the first ledge then jump left to the 2nd ledge. Turn left tojump (or grab) the 3rd ledge then do a leap and grab the 4th ledge.Do one more giant leap onto the temple roof for SECRET #3 and get themedkit, magnum clips, uzi clips, and shotgun shells. You can get backdown by going left and jumping to the slanted cliff and sliding to thebottom. Turn to the right and climb into the cave in the valley wall.
Follow the tunnel and save your game. Continue until you reach therope bridge. Do the giant leap and grab the other side of the bridge.Pull yourself up and continue over to get Cog #3. Do a safety drop tothe valley floor and make your way back to the cave above the firsthuge waterfall (the beginning of this level).
Next is a series of jump crisscrossing the river. Miss one and you aregoing for a ride over the falls so BE CAREFUL! The final jump requiresyou to grab the edge and pull yourself up. Follow the tunnel and crossthe bridge. Save your game before crossing then use the 3 Cogs on thewall then pull the lever. The dam shuts and the waterfall stops.
Do NOT cross the bridge but rather drop off the side and grab on.Shimmy left and drop onto a rock. Go up and turn left to SECRET #4 andget a medkit. Jump in the water and swim until you reach the dam. Turnleft and pull yourself up onto the ledge. Find the skeleton and gettheir shotgun (they don't need it anymore). Jump back in the water andenter a tunnel. This is a very long tunnel but you will eventuallysurface into SECRET #5 with shotgun shells and a medkit.
Go through the door and jump onto the dry riverbed. Follow it to thewaterfall (or rather where the waterfall used to be) and dive into thelake below. There is now a tunnel you can get to which used to beblocked by the waterfall. Enter the tunnel and open the door and EXIT!
Tomb of Qualopec - Items: 7 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 7
Follow the tunnel and enter the Tomb of Qualopec. Go up the slope anda huge boulder comes rumbling towards you. Do the REVERSE move and getoutta there making sure to get out of the path as the boulder rollsacross the tomb and into the entrance.
Pull the switch to open the door to the left. This frees 2 raptors whoyou can dispatch with your pistol. Go into the room they came out ofand save your game. Go through the door on your right and into thenext room. There are big brown blocks in here you get to push around.Push the first block forward twice Turn left and push another block tocontinue. Run across some collapsible tiles to a switch that opens thefirst of 3 gates. Jump the pit you just ran across and go back to thesave game room. Go to the right door with the circle over it and followthe passage to a small alcove with a switch. Approach the switch andfall through the floor. Go up one of the ramps and pull the block intothe room then push it aside to find a passage. Enter and go up stomesteps and drop into a pit and get the medkit.
Climb up the opposite side of the pit then go up the stairs and pull theswitch to open Gate #2. Grab the medkit in the corner then drop backinto the pit. Go back to the save game room and enter the door with thebird. Find and use the switch to move a block with the same bird symbolon it. Drop down into the room with the bird symbol block and go to theleft door. Go up some stairs and turn to face the white ledge. Jumpand grab several times until you reach a tunnel which takes you to theblock with the bird. Drop down a couple times then turn left and dropdown again until you are across from the bird. Jump the gap and land onthe bird block. Perform a tricky jump into the tunnel to the left ofwhere you just landed. Enter the tunnel and pull the switch to moveanother bird block.
Return to the tunnel entrance and walk to the edge facing to the rightand make a leap of faith to a block you can't see from here. Turn anddo a jump onto the second bird block then turn right and jump into thedoor. Pull the switch in this room to open the final gate. Exit thispassage and jump to avoid the spike below. Go up the small ramp andclimb up to the door. Move down the right passage and waste the raptorbefore he gets you. Go back to the save game room and back into thefirst room of this level. Enter the new passage. Save your game andthen run past the dart guns. Doing the swandive with the roll is a goodway to not get hit here. When you reach the stairs turn to your left.
ALTERNATIVE: The bird block room can be done much easier than my firstdescription. Do NOT use that first switch. Instead drop into the roomand take the stairs up. Turn right and jump and grab then go up and overand drop down until you are on the bird block in the corenr. Walk ontothe bird block then turn right and jump to the alcove and use the switchto move another bird block over towards some spikes. Jump out to thefloor and go to the ramp and climb to the first room and use that switch.This moves the corner block you just used a minute ago out into the room.Now use the shortcut which is available to the right of this switch and doa series of jumps across the 2 blocks which are almost lined up. Finallydo a diagonal jump over some spikes and into the alcove to use the switchwhich opens one of the doors in the long hall. Jump out to the floor andclimb up the ramp and proceed as normal after killing the raptor.
SECRET #1 waits for you if you climb up just to the right of the dartgun. Squeeze next to the idol then run across a whole room of thosebroken floor tiles. Head for the left corner and get the shotgun shellsthen go for SECRET #2. Drop off the ledge and shimmy to the outsidewall and drop on the spiked floor. WALK - DO NOT RUN - through thespikes and pick up the magnum clips under the ledge you were just on.Walk through all the spikes to the door above and climb up and out.
Drop down to some steps and go up to the chamber with the first piece ofthe Scion. Don't take the piece until you have killed the guard on theleft side of the king's throne. In true Indiana Jones fashion takingthis piece starts a tremor. Run back quickly to the main entrance roomand past the boulder that smashed into this room earlier. Save yourgame then take a swim.
You'll find yourself underfire. Larson - your contact at the cafe istrying to kill you. Before you finish him off, swim to the bottom andfind a small tunnel. Follow the tunnel to SECRET #3 and get the medkitand magnum clips. Heal yourself then go kick Larson's butt. Enjoy thecool movie clip and rest up for the Labyrinth.
St. Francis' Folly - Items: 18 - Secrets: 4 - Kills: 21
Start this level by going right and climbing the wall. Go to the endand kill the 2 lions lurking about. Go to the block with the horseshoesymbol behind it and pull the block ontop of the symbol to unlock thedoor above you. Push the block forward a couple of times to open a doorat ground level then push the block again so you can climb on it later.
Go through the door and kill the 2 gorillas and pull the switch acrossfrom the door. Go to the stairs on the right and kill another gorilla.Continue up the stairs and throw the switch to open another door. Gooutside and shoot the other explorer waiting for you in the pillars.Dodge a lot and run in circles to shoot him from behind - like the T-Rexand Larson. He will run away after eating enough lead. Let him go!You can't kill him anyway - believe me - I tried!
Back in the main room - climb onto the block you pushed earlier thenjump across to another column. Start bunny-hopping these columns to geta medkit. Turn left and jump some more to reach the door. Now comesthe tricky part...
Stand on the far left of the doorway ontop of the arrows. Jump leftthen jump right and up grabbing the ledge. Standing on the ledge, facethe smaller of the two sloped ledges and backup. Jump onto the lowerslope then backward then forward and grab the ledge above you. Verytricky but it takes you to SECRET #1 - shotgun shells and a medkit.Climb back down to avoid damage taken by falling through broken floor.
Back in the main room hop back to the column where you got the medkit.Do a long jump to the ledge to the left then turn left and begin aseries of jumps to reach the door (the one you unlocked from the floor).
Go down the hall making sure you are sliding forward! Just before youreach the end of the sloped passage jump into the air. You'll land ona small ledge below. Jump across to the door and grab it. If you missyou cannot try without resetting the level. Get SECRET #2 - shells andmedkit then turn around and check out that big croc in the water. Youcan kill him if you want but it takes a long time. You can just aseasily avoid him.
ALTERNATIVE: Slide down this slope BACKWARDS and hold down the ACTIONkey to grab the edge when you drop off. Now drop to the ledge below andproceed to get SECRET #2. This is much easier than the above method.
Jump in and swim forward and up into the first opening to get SECRET #3- more shotgun shells. Take another swim and go to the next openingwhere you can pull the switch and drain the water from this passage.Drop into the passage and kill the croc (if you didn't already). He'seasier to shoot now but he's also a lot faster so dodge him quickly!
Go to the end of the tunnel and save your game. Jump to the ledge inthe middle of the room and shoot the 3 bats flying around. Drop down toa ledge on your right then once more to the floor below. Pull the leverto open the THOR DOOR. Jump to your right and land on the gray squareto open a secret door. This door is timed so you have to be FAST!
Turn right and go the the edge. Roll as you land and keep running.Roll at the edge and drop down shooting the 2 bats as they appear. Dropdown once more, taking some minor damage, and enter the secret door.SECRET #4 consists of medkit and magnum clips. Exit the room and findthe save game gem. Save it for now - instead use the switch to open theATLAS DOOR.
Climb the stairs then jump and grab the ledge. Jump to the ledge andget the magnum clips either before or after killing the bat. Jump backto the first ledge and move across about half way. Jump and grab themiddle ledge then go around the left corner and use the switch to openthe NEPTUNE DOOR.
Do a REVERSE and jump across to the stairs. Turn around and jump up tothe ledge with the save game gem and save your game. Enter the THORDOOR to your left. Inside is a cool plasma sphere shooting electricbolts to the floor. A pattern of blocks is laid out in a circularpattern. If you are in this circle when the bolts hit - you get zapped!Time the bolts and make your way across this room.
The next room has a large hammer suspended from the ceiling and somemarkings on the floor. Stand on the symbol. When you hear somethingbreak jump back and the hammer will smack the floor. Don't move! Waitfor a couple of blocks to fall to the floor. Push the block a few timesagainst the wall near the head part of Thor's hammer. Use it to climbup to the ledge where you can pull the second block out a few times thenuse it to climb and jump over to an even higher ledge.
Get the small medkit then jump across to the ledge on your left. Enterthe small room and get the THOR KEY then jump back and climb down. Runthrough the electric room and make your way back and exit the THOR DOOR.
At the edge turn left and jump to a ledge that looks slightly differentthan the others. Your friend from earlier is shooting at you so hop toa small ledge on your right and kill the 2 bats that are attacking.Turn and jump to the middle ledge then go up the stairs to find a leverwhich opens the DAMOCLES DOOR. Climb the stair and enter the ATLAS DOOR.
Kill the gorilla waiting for you in here then run ahead and through thegate. A medkit is in the pit to your left. Run up the hill until ahuge boulder comes rumbling towards you. Do a REVERSE and run away. Asyou near the pit do another REVERSE and drop back and grab the edge ofthe pit. The boulder will sail harmlessly overhead. Start back up thehill and about half way jump to the ledge on your left. Jump up againand get the ATLAS KEY on the other side of the ledge. Make your wayback and exit the ATLAS DOOR.
Go to the highest step and jump up and climb to the next level. Jump tothe stairs on your left. Shoot some bats and go to the highest step.Jump to the middle ledge and go to the other side and enter the NEPTUNEDOOR. Go for a swim. The current will move you along but you need toswim up and to you left to enter a small tunnel. Pull the lever at theend of this tunnel then return to the main tunnel. Swim forward and getthe NEPTUNE KEY. Go to the other side of the passage and surfacequickly as you are probably almost out of air by now.
Climb out of the water and exit through the NEPTUNE DOOR. Jump to themiddle ledge and climb down to the ledge across from the sandstonestairs. Jump over to the stairs and go down the the DAMOCLES DOOR. Getthe medkit ontop of the door before you enter.
Don't worry about those swords hanging from the ceiling. Go to the nextroom and get the DAMOCLES KEY then hoist yourself up and get the shellsand medkit on the ledge above. Leave this room slowly. The swords willstart falling - just watch the shadows and listen for them to fall. Ifyou walk you will be able to stop just short of the sword. Exit theDAMOCLES DOOR drop down onto the small ledge and once more to the groundwhere you can start shooting at the 2 cougars and that hostile explorerwho's been after you. You can also save your game here (just in case).
The cougars will die and the explorer will run away again. Go to thedoor and use the 4 keys you've been collecting in each of the locks.The bars will be removed and you can EXIT this huge level. WHEW!
Colosseum - Items: 14 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 25
Start this level by taking a swim. Once the crocodile has seen you climbto the bank and shoot the croc. Swim past the croc and exit the water.Shoot the 2 lions guarding the area. Enter the temple and start up thestairs. Jump back and kill a third lion that surprises you (unless youread this first).
Exit the temple and proceed down the left side. Climb up the rocky ledgeand jump over to the temple. Follow the ledge to the right to get a med-kit. Return the way you came and climb onto the block. Jump up onto thenext ledge and follow it around the temple. You will have to jump alongthe way. At the end of the ledge jump diagnally to a hidden door.
Before going in walk forward and slide down the slope. Jump when youreach the bottom to land on a small ledge then look to the left of thewater for a hidden passage. Do a running jump into the passage and getSECRET #1 - shotgun shells. Make your way back to the door and go in.
At the edge of the pit kill the 2 crocs and get the medkit in the corner.Use the ramp to climb out of the pit then face the wall, jump and grabthe crack in the wall. Shimmy to the right until you can climb up thengo forward to SECRET #2 - more shotgun shells. Go back to the creviceand do a safety drop and shimmy right until you can drop to the ledge.Walk up the ramp and start down the tunnel until you can drop down a holeand enter the temple.
Enter the Colosseum to your right and shoot the Lion, Cougar and Gorillafrom your safe vantage point. During your target practice that guy fromthe last level starts shooting again. Fire at him until he runs away.Jump into the pit on the left and save your game. Climb out of the pitand use the door at the back corner. Slide down the ramp and shoot the2 lions waiting for you. Go to the far wall and use the switch to openthe Colosseum gate. Turn around and pull the switch to open the doornext to it. Head down this corridor and into a pit.
Four cougars patrol the top of this pit. You can kill them by jumping andshooting them at the top of your jumps. It's dirty but it works. Climbout of the pit when you've killed 1 or 2 of them. That way they can'tgang up on you. Head to the rocks and slide down the ramp. Go to theback of the room and turn right and stand on the gray floor panel.
Turn back and head to the right gate to get the medkit. Run back andwhen the gate closes stand on the floor panel again to open the left gatewhich you can then enter and use the switch. Then run around the cornerand enter the right gate then through the second gate which is on a timer(so hurry)!
Pull the switch in here to open the white door in the chamber. Go backoutside and enter the white door. Go down the slope and save your gameat the spikes. Go through the door and climb all the ledges to the topof the Colosseum. Turn left and head up the slope then climb the ledgeand go right to find some shells.
Go back down the rocks to the ledge and stand as far from the pit aspossible facing the rocky slide to the left of the Colosseum door. Do along jump to the slope and climb up the rocks. When you reach levelground turn left and jump to the ledge. Go forward then turn right tokill the 2 gorillas in the bedroom.
Go into the next room with the stairs and the block. Pull the blockuntil you can enter the tunnel behind it. Its dark in here but thereis a medkit and a switch - you know what to do with both. Return tothe rock slide and slide down backwards.
Go to your right around the rocks then turn left and proceed to theledge at the corner of the Colosseum. Climb the ledge and go up somestairs and turn right. Enter the door and shoot the 2 bats and head forthe light. The gate shuts behind you. Roll into the pit as a bouldercrashes into the gate. WHEW! Climb out of the pit and jump to the otherside. Follow the passage to the next switch and use it to open the dooraround the corner. Go through this door and exit the dark room to yourleft.
Proceed across the Colosseum floor shooting the cougar that awaits. Youwill soon come across that guy again so pump him full of lead until heruns away again. Keep advancing and go up the stairs and enter the door.Go forward into the lit room. The exit to this room is on a short timerand only opens when you walk past a certain pillar.
Position yourself to the right of the left pillar and get against thewall. The door should be on your right. Run forward and jump onto theblock trying to land on the right side. Immediately side-jump to theright then do a backflip then side-jump left and one more jump forwardand through the door (Takes as long to perfect as it did to figure out).
SECRET #3 has 2 medkits, Uzi clips and the long awaited Magnums - hopeit was worth the effort! Back at the ledge turn left and jump across tothe switch which opens a door. Proceed to the bottom and exit out to theColosseum and enter the next door.
Climb up to the door you just opened and take a swim into the next room.There you can push the block forward into the next room. Enter and saveyour game. Get the medkit and use the switch to open the door at thebottom of those stairs earlier in the game (above the rock slide). Pullthe block until you can get behind it and get the Rusty Key. Swim backthrough the tunnel and drop into the dark room and use the right dooralong the Colosseum wall. Watch out for that guy - he may or may not beback to take a few cheap shots at you.
Drop to the Colosseum floor and head back to the block ledge in the farcorner. Kill the lurking gorilla along the way. Go to the edge of thepit and drop off backwards and hang. Shimmy until your shadow is betweenspike then drop. Enter the door with the rocks and climb to the top soyou can do that long jump to the rock slide all over again. Go back tothe bedchamber (where you killed the 2 gorillas) and use the Rusty Keyto open the gate.
Enter the gate and go swimming and enter the first hole which leads toa room with a switch. After pulling the switch go swimming again andkeep swimming down the tunnel until the level is over.
Palace Midas - Items: 21 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 42
You're already swimming when you start this level so climb out of thepool and head for the tunnel between the pillars. Kill the 2 gorillasthen run ahead and through the left door. Three more gorillas awaityour gunfire in this room. Pick up the medkit and enter the door andsave your game. Use the switch to open a an unseen gate then run backdown the tunnel and shoot 2 more gorilla near the left door. Returnback to the pool where you started and shoot the crocodile to your left.
Go down the corridor and turn right and keep off the stairs. Continueuntil you reach an intersection then go right to a small gap between thewall and the cliff. Kill the gorilla around the corner then get themagnum clips from inside this small space.
Turn right and move forward until 2 lions attack. Kill them and continueuntil you reach a wall then turn right and shoot 3 bats and get themedkit which is almost invisible in the darkness. Return to the inter-section and turn right and head back to the stairs you avoided earlier.
Go up and turn left and enter the next room where you can shoot 3 moregorillas. Go to the end of the room and climb the orange column. Turnand jump to the next column then turn left and jump to the ledge. Turnright and jump to the next ledge - grab and pull yourself up. Get themedkit and the magnum clips then jump back to the first ledge then backto the pillar.
Use running jumps to cross the series of pillars. At the last one turnright and jump to the ledge with 5 switches. Activate the left switchthen turn and drop into a pit and use the switch there to open the gate.Enter and turn left then left again entering a brightly lit door and adead gorilla. Enter the torch room and save your game. Step on thelowered section of the floor and watch the torches go out. Quickly makea series of jumps across the torches. If you take to long they lightthemselves (AND YOU)! Jump into the water below to put yourself out ifyou do catch on fire. Kill the water rats before coming up to try again.Grab the last pillar and pull yourself up as the flame ignites. You canbeat the fire if you are fast enough. Get the lead bar and save yourgame here.
Swim to the stairs and climb up and shoot the gorilla. Go through thegate and around to the wall of switches. Climb up and use the 2nd switchfrom the right, the middle switch and return the left switch back to theUP position. Drop down and enter the gate turning left and through a newdoor between some pillars. Go through this room and into a tunnel thengo down some stairs on the right. Pull the block out of the wall toshake things up a bit then head back up the stairs and continue up thenext set of stairs. The door at the top opens into a room with largepillars. Jump over to the right to a dark patch then jump again to thecenter column then jump again to the left of the sandy ledge. Jump leftagain and enter the door and climb up to save your game.
Continue to the next room and kill everything that moves. Jump acrossand into the pool and head down the trench shooting the 2 crocs that willeventualy show themselves. When you reach the end of the water climb outand climb on the rocks to your right. Advance until Lara cannot go anyfurther then jump forward twice. You will slide back down if you don'tjump twice in a row. SECRET #1 - medkit and magnum clips wait for you tothe left.
Jump in the water and swim to the left and climb out. Climb onto therail and go to the corner with the small medkit below. Do the safetydrop below to get SECRET #2 - shotgun shells, uzi clips and medkit. Jumpout of the pit and kill the gorilla then move ahead and begin searchingthe small niches in the wall until you find the medkit. Head back tothe main alcove that leads to the ledge and jump over to it. Run alongthe ledge and kill 2 more gorillas then move to the next to the lastalcove. Face the wall and jump to the crevice grabbing on then shimmy tothe left and drop onto the ledge. Kill the bat then turn and jump overto the door. Proceed up the long tunnel until you reach the hex shapedpassage. Run down this collapsible tunnel and get the medkit then turnand climb out of the tunnel. Skid down the long slope and climb backdown until you reach the room where you started. You'll be on a ledgeand a cougar will be coming at you. Kill him before he even gets closethen run along the ledge and into the door on the other side.
Follow the tunnel then jump into the left window and out onto a ledgewhere you can turn right and make a running jump across. Turn right andgo up to the pool and take a swim into the next room avoiding the bigcrocodile swimming in here with you.
Exit the water and climb onto the rock avoiding the almost invisible gapand shoot the bat. Jump over the gap - if you fall in you get to repeatabout 10 minutes as you make your way around to this point again - andpick up the lead bar and save your game. Jump to the ledge below andshoot the lions. Go down the stairs and into the tunnel then turn leftand go to the entrance room. Go left and make your way back to the roomwith 5 switches. Use the right switch and return the second to the rightswitch to its UP position. Drop down and left and find the new door andthe floor full of spikes.
WALK through the spikes and around the ramp where you can pull anotherblock a couple times to reveal a tunnel and another switch to use. Headback up the ramp and the stair. At the top go to the corner and do astanding jump over the spikes to the column. Make a series of jumps tocross this room starting with the column on your right. When you reachthe last column jump into the door then jump right back to the column.
You can now safely shoot the gorilla who just woke up in the room beyondthat door. When he's dead enter the room and get the lead bar. Jumpback to the pillar then down to the door below taking a small amount ofdamage. Return the the 5 switches and move the middle switch UP and thefar left switch DOWN then return to the start room with the pool. Headdown the stairs and into the garden.
Kill the 2 gorillas and get the medkit off the roof near the back. Youcan get to the roof by climbing the wall on the right. On the roof turnand head down the passage to the MIDAS Chamber. Stand next to the stonehand and use the lead bars to turn them to GOLD! Climb up the right sideof the MIDAS stone and save your game. Return to the garden and go tothe right corner next to the gate. Walk sideways behind the tree to findthe concealed lever to open the gate and the final SECRET #3. Enter thegate and up to the first pair of blades. Wait for the blades to shutthen jump through them as they open. Get the shotgun shells, magnumclips and medkit then repeat the process to get past the blades.
Make your way back to the orange pillar room then turn left and enter anew door. Continue forward and kill the lion then head up the stairsand out onto the ledge. Get the shotgun shells and save your game. Godown the stairs and through the right door. Use your new gold bars ineach of the 3 slots then enter the open door and slide down the ramp andfinish the level.
Cistern - Items: 27 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 27
Upon starting this level immediately roll and drop to the floor drawingyour guns and wasting the rat. Push the block forward 2 times then pushit to the right to access the switch. Shoot the rats that come throughthe wall that just opened. Go through the white door and get the medkitthen return to the previous room and go down the hole and run outside tothe bridge.
Go forward until you are past the rails then jump to the pillar at yourright. Shoot the rats as you descend the stairs then from the finalstep turn to your right and jump and grab the crevice. Shimmy left tothe ledge then drop down. Take the shells then jump back to the nextcrevice and continue left until you can climb up. Turn right and climbsome more then run along the ledge and get the Rusty Key.
Return to the other end and climb down, then hang and drop to the bricksbelow. Go down the path and use the save game gem by the pillar. Jumpto the ledge on your right and go up the stairs. Your favorite sniperis lurking about so shoot him until he runs away then climb the rightwall where he was shooting you from. Jump to the next ledge on yourright then jump up and grab the ledge above you. Get the medkit then toto the top of the slope on your right. Turn left and jump and grab theledge and climb up into SECRET #1 - shotgun shells.
No jump back to the slope and jump back again to land on another ledgewith 2 shotgun shells. Do a safety drop to the room below. Back at thewall you climbed for Secret #1 you can now run the opposite directionand jump to a ledge then jump again to the next ledge where you can finea medkit and some more shells. Do a safety drop to the ledge below themedkit and slide down the ramp ending up in front of a hold in the floorwhich you can enter and go swimming.
Avoid the rats and swim into the tunnel. Climb out and kill the peskyrat that bites you as you exit. Go up the steps and jump to the ledgethen jump again to the ledge on your left and pull yourself up to getthe 2nd Rusty Key. Go forward and hang from the ledge so you can shimmyto the left and drop to the ledge with 2 rats - kill them! Continueforward and slide down the ramp to the save game gem. Continue forwardsliding down another ramp to some statues. Kill the 2 rats and the 2crocodiles. You may have to tease the crocs into swimming into yourtarget range by taking a dip.
Climb the stairs on either side of the ramp then face the water - turnright and jump over to the bridge. Go around the bridge to the otherside then climb the wall, turn right and climb to the top ledge. Go upsome steps and jump to the ledge with the railing then turn right andjump to the next ledge then turn left and jump to the door where you getto use one of those Rusty Keys.
Enter the room and climb to the ledge on your left. Turn and shoot the2 gorillas then jump to the next ledge and shoot that sniper from aboveuntil he runs off. Jump to the next ledge and get the medkit then doanother jump to the high ledge. Jump backward into the alcove and getthe magnum clips then do a running jump back to the highest ledge thenturn around and jump and grap the crevice above the alcove. Shimmy tothe right and drop to the ledge then drop through the hole on your rightand run forward to go down the ramp. Shoot the croc in the room thenget on the pedestal with the save game gem. Shoot the second croc whocan't reach you now then enter one of the passages to alert the 3rd crocof your presence. Kill the rat and get the medkit then return to thebig room with the dead crocs. Save your game (if you didn't already).
Climb the wall above the pedestal then turn and jump to the ledge thendo a running jump to the next ledge and one more jump to the ledge onthe right. Go forward and drop the the ledge below then grab thethe crevice and shimmy over to the white door. Use the switch and enterthe door. Jump over some spikes and into the pit where you can shoot 2more rats then drop into a green hole. Shoot another rat then drop tothe ground. Go through the door and shoot the rat to your right thenclimb the stairs by the Gold Door.
Facing the wall, jump to the ledge then turn right and climb to the nextledge. Run to the end and turn right and do a running jump. Climb upto the ledge and turn right and do another running jump then jump overto the switch and open the Gold Door below. Make your way to the floorand enter the door to get the Silver Key. Jump in the water as yourfavorite sniper arrives and begins to shoot you.
Swim past the first opening and continue until you surface in the roomwith the bridge. Jump onto the bridge like before then walk to thepillar and climb up. Jump to the ledge with the rails then go up somestairs into the pipe room. Avoid the holes in the floor to get to theswitch and use it to flood the entire level. Go back to the room withthe bridge and jump in the water. Swim forward and to your right untilyou find a small tunnel. Swim into it and follow until you see lightfrom above. Surface and find the switch to open a door below you.
Exit the water and kill some more rats Get the medkits and shells inthis room and save your game. Dive in and swim to the new door and getthe Silver Key. Go through the gate that just opened and swim into thenext room and exit the water. Go to the right door and use the otherRusty Key and enter the room. Take a swim going down to a small roomwith a medkit and a Gold Key. Swim back to the main chamber with thebridge and exit quickly. From the edge, shoot the crocodile that justarrived. Get back in the water and face the 2 doors. Dive down and toyour right to find another small tunnel leading to SECRET #2 - magnumclips. Back at the surface look for a white door and a picture of twoRams and climb out there. Go up the stairs. The Ram pictures areactually blocks so push the left block in to find SECRET #3. Enter thehidden room and get beneath the ledge. Jump back to the ramp thenforward to the ledge. Get the medkit and the magnum clips and exit.
Use the silver keys to unlock the next two doors and enter the room.Turn right and climb the ledge across from the save gem then jump acrossto the gem and save your game. Face the high ledge and jump to it thenjump to the lock in the wall on your right. Kill the gorilla around thecorner and use the gold key to open the door below. Do a safety drop tothe door and kill the 2 lions with the shotgun.
Enter and cross the large room ignoring the switch which releases 3 morelions into the room. Pull the block behind the switch 2 times then pullit out from the wall 4 times. Move to the opposite side and push itonce then climb up and jump to the ledge above. Take the medkit and themagnum clips. Drop to the floor and go behind the switch and drop intothe well. Lara will scream all the way to the EXIT!
Tomb of Tihocan - Items: 26 - Secrets: 2 - Kills: 16
SPLASH!! Swim down the passage until you reach tunnels going up anddown. Go down and through the tunnel until you reach the switch. Thislowers the water so you can now go to the other tunnel and exit thewater. Use the switch here to open the door down the hall. Go throughthe door and shoot the croc then climb the stairs. Go up and over tothe furthest step then jump across to the ledge next to you. Climb theledge to your left then run to the corner to avoid the darts shooting atyou.
Do a running leap to the ledge in the opposite corner then climb into thealcove and use the switch to flood the room. Take a swim and go to thenew tunnel which used to be covered by the now-floating white block andget the medkit. Swim up and climb onto the white block then run into thetunnel and take another swim. Go down and forward and use the switch toactivate a strong current. Go up for air and swim forward - the currentwill sweep you away allowing you to travel further than you ever could byjust swimming. Exit the water when you reach the end then climb out,shoot the rat then pull the block out of the wall toward the water.
Get on the block and jump up to the ledge then turn around and jump tothe wide ledge then jump into the darkness to your right. Climb up toyour right then turn right and climb some more. From the top of thepillar jump to the ledge and save your game. Mr. Sniper will be shootingat you again so fire at him until he flees then walk to the swinging axeand jump behind it. Get the shells then jump back to end up back ontopof the pillar. Face the door and jump up to it
Enter the tunnel and have a short gunfight with the sniper guy again. Godown the hall and jump/run through the veg-o-matic until you get to a pitwith a big croc at the bottom. Kill him from the safety of your perchthen drop down when its safe. Go down the stairs and get the shells andthe magnum clips. Using your 3D Look-around find the 3 concealed floorpanels and step on each of them to open the door to SECRET #1. Enter andturn to face the door. Jump left and hold the button to make multipleleaps to shells and a medkit.
Exit back to the stairs and jump back out to the pillar. Jump back tothe ledge with the swing axe and do a jump to the door behind the blade.Run down the stairs and either roll or jump backwards off the end to hangon the edge. Shimmy to the right and climb up into a tunnel where youcan use the switch to flood the room. Dive in and swim to the step alongthe wall. Kill the giant rat then dive in the water behind him. Swim tothe next room and exit the water shooting the cougar. Enter the tunneland use the switch to open the gate then save your game.
Kill the 2 gorillas lurking above. If you can't see them then jump andfire at the peak of your jump. Jump and pull yourself up after they areboth dead. Jump to the crevice on your left and grab on and shimmy tothe right and climb up to the gate. Enter and get the Gold Key and themedkit then go back to the dead cougar. Enter the tunnel and use theGold Key. This causes several blocks to float to the surface. Do aseries of jumps to cross these blocks and get the medkit before enteringthe door.
Enter the room on the left with the writing on the floor and pull theblock out of the wall and place it on the writing. Kill the gorilla thatappears from behind the block then get the shells and magnum clip he wasguarding. Go back and pull the block until its on the writing next tothe door. Shoot the gorilla that comes out of a newly opened door thengo get the shotgun shells. Go back and climb ontop of the block and jumpto the door above. Run through the veg-o-matic and get the medkit andRusty Key then return to the main room. Push the block away from theledge then circle around and pull it onto the writing. Rats attack soclimb/jump onto the block and shoot them from safety. Enter the new roomand get the medkit then go back and push the block onto the final writingtile. Go to the door and IGNORE the medkit - its a trap. Run straightthrough and climb and get the Rusty Key. Get the medkit on your way backout.
Go back to the main room with the door with locks on each side and useyour Rusty Keys. Enter and save your game then jump to the right of theramp. Do a series of jumps up to a secret passage then jump across aseries of collapsible panels to SECRET #2. Here is the jump combo thatworked for me: Turn so Lara's right side is facing the first tile thenjump RIGHT - FORWARD - RIGHT - RIGHT - RIGHT - BACK - RIGHT ending up inthe secret room. Get the uzi and magnum clips then return to the ramp.
Slide down and into the water and swim through the tunnel exiting onto aledge where you can shoot a croc. Enter the tunnel and climb all theledges to reach the top then slide down to the ledge in the sand. Slidedown the ramp on your right and jump to the ledge then climb up to theswitch and open the underwater gate.
Take a dive and swim into the next room and exit before a large temple.Swim under the temple and find the hidden tunnel in the rear. You willsurface inside where you can save your game and use the switch to openthe main door. Swim back outside and exit to the left of the temple onthe sand. LOOK OUT!!
A statue comes to life and starts throwing fireballs at you. Jump aroundand dodge his attacks while pumping lead into him until he dies. Saveyour game then enter the temple. Its finally time to take care of yoursniper friend (his name is Pierre) so ready your magnums and take care ofbusiness! When he hits the floor remove the magnums, Gold Key and theScion piece from him. Climb to the ledge above and get he medkit and themagnum clips. Use the Gold Key to open the door below and you are freeto EXIT this level. You can wander back outside and take on the otherstatue if you are feeling daring today!
City of Khamoon - Items: 24 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 14
We start a new chapter and a new level by jumping into a pit. Use theblock along the right as a step. Turn left and enter the tunnel anduse the switch to open the door in the previous room. Enter this doorand pull the block 3 times then enter the passage behind it to get amedkit and magnum clips. Go back and climb up on the block then behindthe second block. Pull the block once then go to the side and pull it asfar as you can then go to the opposite side and push it into the wall.
Go to the block in the corner and jump to the crevice and shimmy rightuntil you can climb into the cave. Shoot the panther (finally a newenemy) from the entrance then enter and turn left and climb the ledge tothe medkit and magnum clips. Back at the floor slide down to the Sphinxand kill the panther-mummy creature then jump into the water on the rightand get the magnum clips on the bottom. You should be able to use yourMagnums for the rest of the game if you've been getting all the clips upto this point.
Exit the water between the palm trees and climb to the ledge above and goabout halfway across and jump to the pillar to your left and get theshotgun shells. Dive into the pool and exit on the left paw of thesphinx. Climb to the chin and go around to the left where you will finda tunnel with shells, a Sapphire Key and a save game gem.
Go to the block between the sphinx's legs and pull it out until you canenter the tunnel behind it where you can use the Sapphire Key to open thedoor. Go down the passage to the next room and go right and up to theledge with the medkit. Jump forward to the next ledge and shoot thepanther below then jump to the ledge along the far wall. Go down theright passage and kill the panther as he charges at you. You may have tojump back or just use the Shotgun for immediate gratification. Followthe passage underneath the bridge and save your game. Keep on going andshoot the croc then hang and drop off the ledge by the phoenix. Dropdown and get the medkit then enter the room and trigger another IndianaJones Boulder. Avoid it then go to where it stops and turn right and goup the hill to a dark passage. Climb the ledges and jump into the roomfor SECRET #1 - magnum clips and a medkit.
Take a swim in the corner and flip the switch below to open the door andcontinue forward and up out of the water before the croc eats you. Killhim from the safety of the ledge then go to the ledge below the gate andclimb up. Push the block towards the save gem 2 times then get on it andjump to the ledge below the door. Pull yourself up and go up the steps.Jump up into the tunnel and use the wall switch to extend a gold bridgein the previous room.
Return to the room and jump back to the block and push the block back toits original position then pull it once toward the water then go to theother side and push it once. Save your game if you haven't already thengo stand on the block and jump across to the ledge with the block on it.Ready your magnums and push the block to open a hidden door. Enter andkill the cat-mummy then use the switch to open a door in the ceilingabove the golden bridge. Return to the ledge and pull the block twice soyou can jump to the golden bridge. Now jump up and climb into the doorin the ceiling and use the switch up there to open the door by the catstatue.
Head for the silver gong and jump to the left ledge. Turn right and jumpto the rock ledge and go to the end to get some magnum clips. Slide downthe slope to the left and get the medkit then jump to the paw on yourright. From the paw jump to the green ledge on your left and get themagnum clips. Get on the slope then jump to a ledge above the ramp toget SECRET #2 - Uzi clips. Shoot the croc below then hang and drop tothe ramp below and go to the cat statue.
Do a safety drop to the green ledge and then another to the floor. Enterthe door (without stairs) and get the magnum clips then turn and dropdown the hole. Use the save gem below then shoot the barely visiblepanthers in the darkness below. Walk around and get the magnum clips inthe corners but don't use the light switch yet! Drop to the darknessbelow and shoot 2 more panthers then head for the lit passage and get themedkit.
Go to the back of the room and look up at the ledge just to the right ofthe bridge. Its very hard to see in the dark but it is there. Climb upto it then turn and jump to the left onto the bridge. Cross over to themiddle ledge and go to the left and shoot the panthers below. Jump tothe alcove in the corner to get SECRET #3 - shotgun shells.
Jump back on the bridge and make your way back down to the floor. Getthe medkit in the other lighted tunnel then climb back up to the bridgeand enter the lighted passage next to it. At the end of the tunnel is acat-mummy so keep those magnums ready. Enter the next room and jump tothe tunnel on your right and follow to the next room. Climb the pillarand take the Sapphire Key from the top. Proceed up the hill and enterthe door then do 3 jumps across some ledges and get the magnum clips.
Jump to the ledge on your left then climb up to the switch and use it.Make your way back to the entrance and do a safety drop to a long slopebelow. You'll slide down for quite a distance then you can walk up theslope on the right to a room with a lock where you can use the SapphireKey to open the final door and EXIT this level.
Obelisk of Khamoon - Items: 33 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 12
This level begins with a door followed by an uphill climb on the rightand then a tunnel on the left you can climb into. The tunnel leads to aroom with 4 pillars - each with a block. Go to the pillar next to theGold Door on the right and pull the block 3 times then push it beneaththe door. Enter the newly revealed tunnel and take care of the pantherbefore getting the medkit at the end of this passage.
Return to the pillars and go to the left one and push the block to theleft to permit access to the alcove and water beyond. Swim through thetunnels making sure to get out and kill the croc. Along the bottom youwill find a medkit and magnum clips and a Sapphire Key is stashed in oneof the corners. Return to the pillar room and go to the door in thecorner to the right of elevated door in the wall.
Use the Sapphire Key to open the next door then climb up and enter theGold Door and save your game. Proceed up the stairs and shoot thepanther-mummy then use the switch in the left corner to access a bridge.Go around to your left and across the bridge to get the Eye of Horus.After your magical vision is over drop off the bridge and get some shellsthen dive in the water and get the magnum clips. Surface and enter thetunnel opposite the Gold Door.
Slide down the slope and kill the 2 panthers waiting for you then go upthe stairs and use the top step to jump to the ledge. Reverse and jumpto the corner ledge then reverse and do a jump/grab to the ledge abovethe first. Go to the edge and jump across to the next ledge then reverseand jump back to the longer ledge. Go to the corner and climb then do areverse and climb some more then jump across to the square ledge. Jumpagain to the ledge in the corner with the Save Game Gem and USE IT! Turnleft and jump to the highest ledge in the room then go up the stairs andshoot the panther-mummy.
Continue down the stairs and use the switch by the pillars to access anew bridge. Drop down to the left of the switch to get a medkit and twomagnum clips then return to the top of the stairs and do a safety dropinto the pit on the left. Surf to the bottom of a very tall room thenrun to the alcove on the right to kill another panther then flip theswitch.
Proceed to either door opposite the alcove and get the magnum clips onyour way there. Back at the main room go up the new stairs jumping tosome shotgun shells on the ledge to your left. Jump back to the stairsand go up a few more until you can drop to a ledge with a Save Gem. Onceyou save turn and enter the door then jump over to the ledge and followit across a bridge to the Ankh which displays another watery vision.
Back at the ledge, go past the door and get the medkit at the steps thenuse the switch before going down. At the bottom enter the new chamber toyour left and proceed up the stairs. At the top turn and jump to thecrevice on your right and shimmy to the ledge on your right and drop. Goaround and do a safety drop to another ledge and enter the hyroglyhicschamber and use the switch. Go back outside and continue up the stairswhich were previously buried under sand.
Kill the panther-mummy at the top then use the switch to activate a thirdbridge and finally get the medkit on the ledge. Turn and use the otherswitch to open a door then run through the door and down the steps. Walkthrough some pillars to the ledge then do a flying leap to the columnwith a medkit and some Uzi Clips - SECRET #1. Find the silver gong belowand do another leap to reach it and SECRET #2 - Uzi Clips and medkit.
Drop to the ledge on your right and enter the door with a green ledge.Climb the stairs and cling to the wall and shimmy right until you canpull yourself up. Turn and jump to the ledge on your right and enter thetunnel and get SECRET #3 - magnum clips and medkit. Drop down to thenext ledge and continue into the chamber with 2 mummies waiting below.
Climb down to the ledge below then do a safety drop to the next ledge butdon't fall - instead shimmy to your right before dropping to the nextledge. Turn and fall back off the ledge and grab on then shimmy to theright and drop again. Kill those mummies then save your game. Followthe passage on your left and use the switch to access the last bridge inthis level.
Return to the mummy room and jump over to the ledge then drop to theground and go between the 2 chairs. Climb the ledge and keep on climbingunti you reach the green ledge. Enter the door and cross the bridge toget the Scarab. Hop to the bridge on your left and get the Seal ofAnibus to open an underwater door. Drop into the water and swim for thetunnel. Its a long one so fill your lungs before entering.
Go to the bottom and then forward to the second set of alcoves and getthe magnum clips on the left. Proceed the next set of alcoves and take amedkit and shotgun shells on your right. Continue down until you cansurface. Recharge that air meter and then get the medkit, magnum clipsand shotgun shells from the bottom. Exit the pool and kill the mummythen get the magnum clips from the ledge behind the Save Gem which youcan also use.
Climb the stairs in the left corner and follow the passage. Kill themummy from the safety of the large mound then get the medkit on the leftside of the mound. Jump to and climb the steps on the right side of themound. At the top you can drop into the Sphinx room from the last level.Go to the palm trees and find the pillar that you can use your 4 newartifacts on. A door opens to the left of the Sphinx and you can EXIT!
Sanctuary of Scion - Items: 28 - Secrets: 1 - Kills: 15
Start this level by getting some ammo for your magnums (which you should beusing full time now). Dash up the stairs and waste the 2 mummies up topand load up on magnum ammo. Jump to the room above then go forward andright and slide down the slope and kill the mummy at the bottom. Hop up onthe slanted block next to the lit pillar then climb to your left and jumpbackwards onto the pillar above.
With the wall on your left leap to the next pillar then advance until youcan reach the crevice in the wall. Grab it and shimmy to the right anddrop down. Go up the steps to the right and jump across several pillarsending on a ledge with some more magnum clips. Do 3 jumps forward fromthis ledge to end at some stairs. Go down the stairs and flip the switchto open a door below.
The flapping you should be hearing is a demon. Shoot him as soon as heis in range and do not let up until one of you is dead. If he reachesthe platform he could knock you off. Get next to the edge by the switchand leap forward to a tiny ledge. Get some shells then jump to the leftgrabbing and pulling yourself up to some more shells. Jump to the nextledge then jump off and do a safety drop to the ledge below. Turn andjump to the sandy ledge then drop off backwards and slide down grabbingon to the end of the slide and dropping safely down. Get the magnumclips from between the Sphinx paws then find the 2 slanted spires in thecorner.
Climb on the right block then jump to the left then jump to the ledge andone more jump to the pillar and pull yourself up. Now turn left and jumpto the next pillar and another jump to a curving ledge above. Save yourgame then run past the veg-o-matic to your right and get the medkit.Follow the path to the next switch and use it to open a door and summonanother demon. Kill him quickly then return to the switch and jump tothe ledge on the right and get the medkit. Turn and jump and grab theledge pulling yourself back up to the switch then return to the curvedledge with the pillar below.
Do a safety drop to the pillar then face the corner and jump over thepillar to a slope where you can slide back to the Sphinx. Enter thepassage to the left of the Sphinx and get some ammo for the magnum thenenter the passage to the left. When you get to the ramp turn and jumpback to begin the slide. Grab the end of the ramp as you fall thenshimmy to the ledge on the left and get the magnum clips. Climb all thestairs on the right then go down the slope and dive for the Gold Key.Exit the water next to the stairs in the corner and return to the top ofthe stairs.
This time jump instead of sliding down the slope and grab the bridge.Use the Gold Key in the right lock to open the door. Enter this new roomand start blasting the Centaur. Get the Ankh and the medkit and save thegame before jumping off the bridge. Climb down all those stairs and diveinto the water climbing out at the stairs in the corner and return to theSphinx. Climb on that tilted ledge in front of the Sphinx then climb upto the next one and jump backwards to a third ledge. Climb up to themagnum clips then jump to and follow the sandy ledge.
When you reach a wall turn left and jump to the next ledge and continueforward jumping to another ledge at the end. Climb the ledge to yourleft and jump to a rock ledge and continue all the way until you reachthe Save Gem. Enter the tunnel and push the block on your right so youcan get around it. Get on the block and climb to the ledge above it andkill the Centaur. Get his Ankh and the medkit and return to the ledgeabove the Sphinx. Slide down the long ramp to your right and get themedkit. Drop onto the Sphinx and kill the panther-mummy then climb ontothe tilted ledge and jump to the small space at the rear of the Sphinx'shead.
Go forward and climb to the top of the Sphinx and use the Ankh. Dropdown to the front and use the other Ankh and save your game. Climb backto the top and walk along the left side of the head until you can't goany further. Look down to a magical clip floating in the air. Jump overto it and land on an invisible ledge. You just got the ONLY SECRET inthis level but since its the long awaited UZI that's okay! Get the ammoto go with your new toy then jump across to the ledge on the cliff.
Two demons appear so ready your new toy and let the lead fly. When theyare dead you can return to the ground and enter the door between theSphinx's legs. Take a swim going deep and to the left for some shellsthen go between the statues and get the Uzi Ammo. Surface and rechargethat air meter then dive down to the right statue and enter the passagebetween its feet. Use the switch and let the current take you to thesurface. Climb onto the low pillar and jump to the other one then jumpto the steps on the right. Go up the stairs and slide down into a darkcave.
There is a demon and a Save Gem so save your game quickly then take careof the demon. Facing the head on the left do a safety drop to the ledgebelow then turn and jump to the ledge by the head. Walk to the rightfacing the head and drop down. Facing left, jump back and slide down theramp. Dive in the water and climb to the right statue and use the switchon his chest to open a door. Dive back in and this time swim into thetunnel between the feet of the left statue.
When you surface, run up the long slope and get the magnum clips on yourway and get the Scarab at the top. Now go into the room where you beganthis level and fight 2 panther-mummies and a Centaur. Use the Scarab inthe lock after the bloodbath is over and enter through the gate takingthe medkit and magnum clips. (who leaves all this ammo lying around?)
Go down the slope and climb up through the hole into the Scion room.Larson is back and just begging for you to kill him. Help him out witha few rounds of gunfire then go up the stairs to the Scion. EXIT thislevel and prepare to enter the Lost Continent of Atlantis.
Natla's Mines - Items: 26 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 3
Lara begins this level underwater and stripped of all weapons. Swim forthe waterfall and surface behind it. Go down the tunnel and use theswitch on the left to open a door. Go back to the falls and dive in andswim to the other side. Climb out and enter the tunnel to the right ofthe crate. Find the block and pull it out of the mound then enter thepassage it was blocking. Use the switch to open a second door thenreturn to the water and the boat.
Swim back to the falls and go down that passage again. Climb to thesloped passage and follow it until you can jump to a ledge with abarricade it. Follow the tunnel to a room with a large glass structure.Get the medkit then enter the next room with the two condemned houses.Find and pull the block out twice towards some tires then hop ontop andjump to the roof of the house. You'll fall through and end up insidewhere you can go down a tunnel and use a switch to make the boat returnto the dock.
Go to the end of the tunnel and slide down grabbing the right ledge anddropping to the ground. Follow the tracks to the wood door which opensfor you. Now comes the TRICKY PART! Do this exactly!
- Walk towards the first barricade until the boulder begins to roll. - Jump the first barricade then do a series of running jumps to get over the other 3. - As you jump the 3rd barricade turn to the right in mid-air to land on a hill and enter the passage before the boulder flattens you.
ALTERNATIVE: All you have to do is jump the first barricade and turnright and grab the ledge and shimmy Left, until it begins to slope down.Climb up, (don't shimmy any further left because this will start theboulder rolling)walk to the edge and jump across the gap. Now you canrun to the end without the ball chasing you. You have to set it rollinglater to get out of here.
If you were successful then Indiana Jones would be proud, otherwise youwill need to return to the first barricade and try again.
Inside the tunnel get the fuse then go left and save your game. Head upuntil another boulder starts rollings then run back and to the left. Goup the hill on the left as another boulder rolls by. Drop into the holeat the top to reenter the room with 2 boulders. Climb the hill to getback to those two houses and make your way back to the water with theboat. Swim over and climb into the boat then leap over to the crates.Climb up the left crate and find the tunnel behind it. Inside are lotsof NATLA boxes and one of them is a "movable block". Pull it once thenpush it left. Now pull the box behind it out twice and pull it right togain access to a passage with another switch. Use it to activate thegiant drill machine.
Return to the docks and go to tunnel to the right of the crates that thedrill machine HAD been blocking. Find and push a block forward until youcan enter the next room. Get on the block and then climb up through ahole to find another switch that opens another door. Grab some ammo foryour Uzi (in case you get it back) then drop back down. Go forward andinto the next room and get another fuse then return to the docks and makeyour way back to those two houses. Enter the passage to the left of thehouse on the left and follow it to the fork where you can go left and usethe switch to start the conveyor belt. Go back to the fork and find the3rd fuse then return to the room with the glass structure and enter itfrom the right.
Get some magnum ammo and save your game then use the 3 fuses in theslots to gain access to a new house. Enter the house and get the pistolsbefore climbing to the roof and jumping into the tunnel. Just inside isa hole which you can jump to and climb up. A gate will open leading toa deadly trap. The obvious trap door below will plunge you into hot lavaif you stand on it so instead - slide down the slope backwards and grabthe edge as you fall. Climb back up and the door will shut and stay shutfrom now on. Cross and get SECRET #1 - shells and Uzi clips then use theswitch to open the gate and return to the first tunnel.
Go to the end of the tunnel and do a safety drop to the Save Gem thenswim to the docks. Exit the water and enter the tunnel with the drillmachine. Go around the NATLA box and into the next tunnel where you findyour magnums. Too bad some guy is using them to blast you. Kill himas quickly as possible and try not to fall in the lava tubes. If he runsthen chase him. Once he is dead take your hard earned magnums back andheal yourself.
Leap towards the switch on the far wall. You just miss the ledge but youcan grab the ledge below taking a good amount of damage. Slide down thehill and grab the bottom edge. Let go and grab again to grip the crevicejust below and shimmy to the ledge on your right. Enter the lava room onthe right and jump to the ledge on the left. Now begin a series oftricky (and deadly) jumps from pillar to pillar until you can jump intothe tunnel on the right wall.
ALTERNATIVE: Go to the far right of the canyon and drop down to a smallplatform. Drop down again and instantly grab on to the platform belowwith a medkit. Grab the crevice, shimmy to the right, drop down at theend, turn and shimmy along the next crevice. Drop down and jump to athird crevice and shimmy to the lava room and continue as told above.
Go forward and push the block quickly to avoid the boulder rumblingtowards you. Once that's over you can pull the block back and get on itto access SECRET #2 - Uzi clips and a medkit. Run down the tunnel in thecorner and drop to some more tracks. Take the medkit and the Uzi clipsand grab the Shotgun (if you really think you'll need it). Go back tothe previous room and drop down the hole behind the boulder then leap tothe pillar in the lava tunnel. Turn right and do a series of jumps acrossthree pillars then drop and enter the tunnel below. Slide to the bottomof the slope then jump to the ledge. Climb up and enter the room withthe TNT. Fine the one that's not like the others. Pull it into the nextroom - out once - right once - then 3 pulls into the next room. Now jump(or climb) over it and push it 3 times until you can get on it and jumpinto the tunnel with the Save Gem.
Go to the top and climb to the ledge then do a leap to the ledge on theright. Wait for the tunnel to spit out another boulder then leap into itand follow it to the switch. Get the magnum clips and use the switch tocreate a cave-in in the TNT room. Now return to the room with the TNTbox. Go to the new hole on the left and enter the passage. This nextroom has your Uzi's but once again - they are being used for EVIL. Somepunk-ass kid on a skateboard is taking cheap shots at you. He's fast buthe doesn't attack often so waste him with your magnums and take back yourUzi's. You should now have ALL your weapons back!! Scattered about thisroom are 3 Uzi clips so retrieve them then start checking out the holes
One of the holes has water instead of lava. Dive in and swim through thegate to get SECRET #3 - variety of medkits and Uzi clips. Make your wayback to the skateboard park then go all the way up the hill to save yourgame. Follow the tunnel into the next room and start up the slope. Ofcourse 3 boulders make this harder than it needed to be. Each boulderhas its own section of the slope so stay in the middle. When the firstone comes at ya jump left. When #2 starts rolling jump right then backto the middle when #3 starts to roll. Stop at the top and wait for aforth boulder to spit out the door.
Enter the passage and go up the slope and climb up to the next room. Geton the low pillar and jump to the higher one then jump to the ledge. Doanother jump to the left then another jump to the left then climb intothe room on the right. Push the block twice and enter the next room thenpush the block twice and drop down into the lower room. Pull the blockthen go back up and drop down on the other side of the block. Push itforward to reveal a Save Gem and a switch. Use it to open a yet unseendoor. Turn left at the switch and enter the alcove straight ahead. Goleft and climb then move forward to the block and enter the passage atthe left. Push the block at the bottom of the stairs once then turn leftand make a mad dash for the door which closes before you get there!
Use the switch next to the door then head back upstairs, past the golddoor and drop through the hole. Run through the doors and ready yourfavorite weapon for another shootout. He's packing a shotgun so keepyour distance. I recommend magnums at 30 paces and dance like crazy!When he's just a red spot on the floor relieve him of his shotgun andthen proceed to climb to the ledge above the door into the pyramid.
Jump from ledge to ledge all the way up this sucker. At the top jump tothe left wall and slide down the pyramid and find the tunnel. Enter anduse the switch to open the door then exit and slide to the bottom. Goback to the maze and enter the Gold Door to get a medkit and the keys tothe Pyramid. Now go to the Pyramid and use the Pyarmid key to enter thepyramid and EXIT this level.
Atlantis - Items: 43 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 26
Wait for the lights to come on then advance into this room. A monsterexplodes from a sphere so kill it with your magnums then go to the rightand kill the monster in the second sphere. Follow the trench and kill athird creature that blasts from a sphere and get the Uzi ammo. Enter thedoor to the left of the center door and enter a room with a webbed floor.
Get the medkit from the corner then cross the center bridge to the left.Get the shotgun shells and prepare to kill a demon that was just released.Kill him from up here if possible. If you drop a dog explodes from asphere and just adds to the confusion. Use the switch in the far rightcorner of the webbed room then turn around and run to another switch inthe opposite wall and use it. Run back to the other side and go throughthe door and down the stairs and trip another switch to open that centerdoor back at the entrance room.
Return to the center door killing any leftover creatures running around.Enter and kill the flying monster while staying in the safety of thetunnel. Exit to the ledge and reverse and drop off and down to the blockbelow grabbing onto it. Climb up and get SECRET #1 - clips for the Uziand magnum and a medkit. Go through the tunnel and climb up the ledge anddrop down the hole. Turn and go down the passage to a webbed ledge thenturn and jump and grab the crevice at its lowest part. Shimmy and drop tothe tunnel below grabbing the entrance and climb up into it. Flip theswitch in this tunnel and get the Uzi ammo then jump to the webbed ledge.
Leap from the end of this ledge to the next and grab on as a sphere blowsup below you. Climb up and use the Save Gem in this tunnel. Leap to thepillar then leap to the darker ledge to the left on the pyramid. Jump tothe next ledge avoiding the rumbling boulder coming at you. Jump to thenext ledge on your right...just missed it! After your slide is over youcan now climb the next set of ledges all the way to the top right cornerusing a series of standing jumps.
Enter the tunnel and get SECRET #2 - clips for Uzi and Magnum and medkit.Exit and slide down to the red door and turn right and jump to the ledgeand grab and climb up. Jump to the second ledge and get the medkit thenjump to the next ledge and pull yourself up and into the tunnel. Load upon Uzi clips and use the switch then go back to the water and dive in.
Find and use the switch underwater to open the red door then exit thewater by climbing onto the small ledge on the left side of the slope thenclimb to the pillar and jump back to the pyramid. Retrace your path backto the red door and get inside before it shuts. Jump to the ledge and goup some stairs jumping into the door. Climb up the passage saving yourgame and jumping some spikes on the way. Dive in the water and go downinto the underwater chamber and get some shells then use the switch andswim through the door and back up to the surface. Get the Uzi clips afteryou dash through the veg-o-matic then go right and leap to the next ledge.
Ignore those clips for now as a demon is ready to pounce. Dart inside thetunnel and kill him from a safer place then get the Uzi clips after he isdead. Turn back and dive into the water at the other end of the tunnel.Swim between the two spheres and climb to the ledge and use the switch inthe right corner to open a door. Now go left and use the switch aroundthe corner to open another door and use the Save Gem.
As you near the sphere in the right corner a monster explodes from it sokill it then go use the switch in the remaining corner to open the lastunderwater door. Dive in and go through the long corridor with the 3 opendoors. Exit into a dark tunnel and go up the ramp on your left. Turnright at the red passage and flip the switch to open the door and get theUzi ammo.
Find the block across from the boulder and pull it out then push it againstthe left wall. Return to the red door and switch and use the switch againand enter the door. Your strategically placed block stops the boulder andyou can now enter the tunnel it was blocking. Kill the demon as you walkonto the ledge then jump to the right ledge and ignore the Save Gem. Thetunnel leads to a room with with 2 demons in spheres. Release only one ata time and back into the tunnel to kill them from safety. Go back and usethe Save Gem you passed a few minutes/demons ago.
Now slide down the slope and jump as you near the bottom. Try to land on ared ledge as anything else will dump you into some spikes. Get the shellsand the medkit and all that Uzi ammo then enter the next room through thetunnel. Go right and go to the ledge to wake up another demon then runback to the tunnel to kill it. Now go back and jump to the left ledge andthen jump to the small ledge after that. Get into the tunnel on the rightquickly to attack another demon. You can now go back out and jump to theglowing yellow slope in the center of this room.
Leap to the rock ledge then get the Uzi clips and use the switch up on theslope. Turn and go until the ledge tilts. Jump over it and pull on theblock to open a tunnel. Run past the veg-o-matic and kill the 2 demons onthe other side. Jump over to the dead demons and head up the tunnel andclimb some stairs to get Uzi clips and a medkit. Go to the ledge on theright and kill the monster flying around in here then face right and jumpto the ledge on the right wall. Enter the tunnel and save your game.
Leap to the ledge in the corner and enter another tunnel and use the switchbefore going back to the lava room. Jump over to the first ledge then jumpto the pillar on the left. Do another jump to the next left pillar andthen a flying leap into the door. Climb up and use the switch at the endof the passage. Return to the ledge and do a series of jumps to cross thepillars and reach the tunnel. Proceed up the passage and go into thecorner of the room to activate a secret door. Run up the hill on the leftwith Uzi's blazing and kill the 3 attacking creatures.
Enter the alcove on the right for SECRET #3 - shells, medkit and Uzi clips.Go back to the main passage and turn right to go into the red tunnel.After the door shuts climb to the passage above and go to the end and jumpto the ledge on the right. Grab the Uzi ammo and enter the passage. Killthe alien that suddenly appears then get more Uzi ammo and continue on tothe ramp that leads up to the veg-o-matic.
Run up the ramp and stop just before it. A boulder begins to roll towardsyou so jump left then continue when all is safe. Use the Save Gem at thetop then push the block on your left 2 times and go down the tunnel on theright to find 2 switches. Use the right switch and jump back quickly toavoid the trap door. Do a safety drop through the trap door then moveforward to start another boulder rolling then jump back and over the hole.Move forward again and go up the tunnel and climb the ledge on the left toreach the switch. Use it then, then make your way back to the 2 switchesand go through the now open door. Kill the alien in the passage and usethe switch in the corner to open a door. Get some Uzi ammo in two of thecorners.
Enter the door and save your game then slide into the next room. Kill the2 monsters at the bottom but DO NOT attack the next creature that appears.IT IS YOU! Anything you do - it does.
Climb the ledge to the right and jump to the stone pillar then leap to theledge by the door and use the switch to open the trap door. Turn and jumpto the sandy ledge then climb and jump to the sandy pillar and finallyleap to the sandy ledge. Go to the middle of the ledge quickly and yourdouble will fall into the pit. If the door shuts you were too slow and youhave to try again.
Go back to the rocky ledge with the pit and get some Uzi ammo then go up.Kill the Centaur and load up on more Uzi ammo and kill another alien. Goright at the end of the tunnel to find a switch that opens a door. Runalong the left ledge and use the next switch. You are on a TIME LIMIT soignore the clips and run back to the entrance and across the bridge.
Grab the Uzi clips lying here then approach the alien device and USE it toEXIT this level and start a cool movie.
The Great Pyramid - Items: 30 - Secrets: 3 - Kills: 3
This is it!! The FINAL LEVEL!! And it starts with the hardest enemy inthis game - one big ALIEN! After a couple hundred rounds of Uzi fire or20-30 well placed shotgun blasts he will die. There are several strategiesfor killing this guy - I'll let you find yours. Just DON'T FALL IN THE PITor you may as well load that last save game.
Find and pick-up all 6 Uzi clips from the corners of the room below thenenter and slide down the red tunnel. Push the block 3 times then go up theramp and push the next block once then climb to the tunnel above. Save thegame then dash through the veg-o-matic and don't fall through the fakefloor. Go right at the intersection until you reach a block which you pushforward. Return to the intersection and turn right going past the door anddrop into a room with a block. Pull the block then climb up to the tunneland go left and back down and push the block forward then go back to thered door.
Get on the block and use the switch then turn and enter the next room andgo right and jump to the ledge on the slope. Jump to the next ledge anda third jump to the long ledge that cross the entire slope. A bridgeappears behind your so jump back and cross the bridge to find SECRET #1 -medkit, shells, and magnum clips. Use the switch 2 times - down then backup to secure a portion of the bridge then return to the ledges and go leftto the tunnel entrance.
Proceed up the tunnel and reverse when the boulder comes at you. Avoid theboulder then go back up the tunnel to repeat this with a second boulder.At the end of the tunnel is a collapsible ledge which you need to roll ontothen run off before you fall. Hang and drop down taking severe damage thenrecharge your health and use the Save Gem around the corner.
Shoot the Scion until it explodes starting a major earthquake for the restof the game. Go through the door and kill the 3 monsters in the room thendrop down to the rocks below on the right of the bridge. Do a safety dropthrough the hole by the wall then turn and leap and grab the crevice.Shimmy to the right ignoring the darts which only do minimal damage. Atthe far right drop and slide backwards toward the lava but jump backwardsbefore you fall in.
Enter the next room and go to the right side of the hill and continue downto trigger a boulder. It will roll by and fall into the crack. Now go tothe swinging blade and do a timed jump across to some spikes that you needto WALK through. The next bridge is made of collapsible panels so you needto cross it in a double jump with the first jump putting you in the centerof the bridge and the second in the doorway.
On the left wall is a crevice you can jump to. Grab on and shimmy rightuntil you can drop to the ledge and get SECRET #2 - medkits and Uzi clips.Jump backwards off this ledge to the slanted pillar then jump forward tothe pillar with the Save Gem. Jump into the tunnel on the right and runthrough it as the floor falls away behind you. Time your jump through thecleaver then go right down the slope and try to outrun the boulder chasingyou. When the chase is over you can jump over the boulder to get a medkitthen jump back and turn right to slide down a second slope. Time your jumppast the blade to get to the ledge then drop to the tunnel and run past thelava that enters the tunnel.
Get the medkit and continue past more lava then use the switch and enterthe door. Get the Uzi clips in the passage to your right then go back tothe lava hole. A boulder rolls above you so when it passes jump over thehole and hang as a second boulder rolls by overhead. Climb up and enterthe next room with a series of ledges with flames on them. Stay close tothe wall and make the jumps. You will take some heat damage but not nearlyas much as if you catch on fire. If you do burst into flames drop downto the water below to put out the fire then swim back to the beginning andtry again.
You should now be in a room with a pool and a cleaver. Jump to the panelin front of the blade which falls out from under you so pull yourself upand leap into the cave entrance through the blade to find SECRET #3 -Uzi ammo and a medkit. When you are ready to leave to to the edge of theentrance - take one step back then jump to that tiny pool below. Grab theUzi clips then swim through the tunnel and into the next room. Save yourgame then get some more Uzi ammo and proceed to the large room.
SPECIAL NOTE: The above SECRET #3 is indeed the third secret for thislevel (according to EIDOS), but due to a bug in the program this will notalways register as such. If you get the items in this room then at leastyou know you got a perfect SECRET score regardless of the ending screen.
Natla is back and is flying around shooting fireballs at you! Blast herwith Uzi fire and dodge as much as you can. Heal yourself often. Afteryou shoot her down she will get up and you must continue to blast her untilshe STAYS down. Enter the tunnel and get some Uzi ammo. Note: Natla wasthe last enemy in this game so any more ammo is strictly for obtaining aPERFECT ITEM score.
Head up the ramp in the corner and jump into the passage that leads tosome pillars. Jump to the nearest then turn and jump to the pillar on theleft. Jump to the pillar below the door then climb up to the top. Turnand drop through the hole landing on the pillar then turn and jump acrossthe next 2 pillars. Jump to the pillar below the door and grab on andclimb into the tunnel. Run down the hall and do a safety drop from thehole onto another pillar.
Turn right and leap to the ledge below the tunnel then climb into thetunnel and run forward. Slide down the long slope to EXIT the level andthe game.
Enjoy the crappy closing movie and don't forget...You can now go back and replay any level with all weapons and infiniteammo. (PSX ONLY) Mr. T-Rex falls much quicker under UZI FIRE!!! Have Fun!!
This is the FINAL version of the Tomb Raider Solve. No further releasesor modification will be made unless some drastic error is discovered.


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